Silent speech interfaces

Social computers

Positive sum ethic

Distributed attention

Making exit easier

Intellectual insurance

Saving our souls with
software, robotics, and
human-to-human labor

Soldering in vacuum

Spectrum of identity and
compartmentalization of
life infrastructure

Set-operator as a service


Traceable funding

Improved self-memory

Nomads with robots


Dreaming a better dream

Siempre Collective unites

social spaces

Silent, parallel
video presence

Feeling close on-the-go

Virtualizing what works

Zoom meets Pokemon

Giving Online Town
to the people

Disbanding the Collective

Open-sourcing everything


Reflections on the Collective

What happens
when your experience
is intentionally not addictive

Reputations, anonymity and
the chicken-and-egg problem

Getting ahead of ourselves

What about the other 999 in 1000?

Slipping off of Maslow’s pyramid

The worst of network effects

Seeing behind the
curtain of public need

Are we part of the problem?

Experiments in family life

Doing it the old-fashioned way


hand controllers for
spatial computing

Wearable electronic testbed

Privacy-sensitive cameras
through hardware-blur

3D-printers with assembly

Optimal goods transport
in cities via robotic
underground tunneling

Software-augmented food,
kitchens and restaraunts

Exploring model tradeoffs
for sense-making
with computers


Dictaphone with hindsight
and for self only

Never feel underleveraged again

Information glue

Autonomous airports

Global work interface
for retraining and
teleoperated robotics

prospect mining

physical storage

Physical architecture
for human-robot symbiosis

Building at the speed of thought

Real-time processing for
dynamic, low-cost 3D-printing

Portable 3D-printing

Spherical drivetrain

Omnidirectional tank treads